Upcoming changes to the authorization workflow in PEAR Practice Management

As part of our transition to a new operating platform, we are working to improve and streamline the authorization workflow to enhance the overall experience in the Provider Engagement, Analytics & Reporting (PEAR) portal.

Starting in October 2023 and continuing through the end of 2023, we will introduce changes by existing authorization service type.

What to expect

Changes will affect the following transactions within PEAR Practice Management:

  • Authorization Submission
  • Authorization Search

Some of the anticipated changes and improvements to the authorization workflow include:

  • How to search for an authorization
  • Change in authorization numbers
    •  The EXT # format is being replaced with a 10-digit number
  • New on-screen messaging
  • Improved surveys
    • New look and feel, with the same familiar questions

In 2024, we are adding a new behavioral health authorization workflow.

Next steps

As we finalize our system testing and solidify the changes to the provider experience, we will provide additional details for each service type as they are introduced. Updates will be communicated via the Provider News Center, targeted emails, and/or messages posted on the PEAR portal.

Stay informed

The existing Authorizations 101 user guide will be updated and will soon be available in the PEAR Help Center.

To stay informed throughout this important transition, we encourage you to frequently visit the Platform Transition page.