Tips for successfully submitting claims

Be sure to use the correct member ID number that corresponds with the date of service when submitting claims to avoid claim rejections. 

Please use the Eligibility & Benefits transaction on PEAR Practice Management (PM) to confirm the member ID number for each date of service to be billed.

For members who received a new 10-digit ID number effective January 1, 2024, you should submit claims using the new ID number for dates of service on or after January 1, 2024. If the member had active coverage in 2023, you should submit claims under the prior member ID number (12-digit UMI) for 2023 dates of service.

Example view of a member's coverage status:


For further assistance with using PEAR PM, please contact PEAR Support at 1-833-444-PEAR (1-833-444-7327).