Guidelines for billing with taxonomy codes

This article was updated on October 26, 2023

​​​​We want to remind providers that AmeriHealth HMO, Inc., AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey, and AmeriHealth Administrators (collectively, AmeriHealth) require the use of taxonomy codes to ensure proper claims processing. If a provider's group National Provider Identifier (NPI) is associated with more than one AmeriHealth specialty, the provider must include the appropriate provider taxonomy code in addition to the NPI on all claims. This allows the accurate matching of the provider's agreement(s) with AmeriHealth.

Failure to submit claims with the applicable NPI and correct correlating taxonomy code may result in claim denials, claims processing errors, and/or payment delays.​

Confirming your specialty and services rendered

As we begin to prepare for our transition to a new operating platform in January, we encourage your practice administrators to confirm the specialty we have on file for the services rendered by your practice/organization.

Your group's specialty and/or the specialty of the practitioners in your practice/organization is visible in the Provider Engagement, Analytics & Reporting (PEAR) portal. Please take these steps to locate and review your specialty.

  • Log into the PEAR portal.
  • Select Practice Management.
  • Select Provider Data Maintenance from the Transactions menu.
  • Enter the appropriate provider information to locate and select your provider record.
  • Scroll down to the Group's Practicing Specialty and/or Practitioner's Practicing Specialty sections, depending on your provider type, to view the Specialty listed.

Note: The group specialty (e.g., Cardiology) refers to the credentialed specialty of the practitioners in that group.​

If you need to make any changes to the practicing specialty, please follow the steps for your provider type.

  • Professional practitioners: Please submit a Practitioner Participation Form for New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

  • Facility and ancillary providers:
  1. Send an email to Contracting for New Jersey: or Pennsylvania:

  2. Submit a written request to the Legal Department:

Attn: Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel, Managed Care
1901 Market Street, 43rd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103

We encourage you to frequently visit our dedicated Platform Transition page to stay up to date on the upcoming changes. ​