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Platform Transition

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Preparing a phased migration to a new platform

Beginning in 2023 and continuing through 2025, AmeriHealth HMO, Inc. and AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey will work to move our core business to a new claims processing platform. AmeriHealth Administrators will continue to use its existing platform for claims processing, with enhanced capabilities to come. This transition to a next generation platform will help us efficiently deliver new and innovative products and services.

Visit this dedicated section of the Provider News Center frequently to stay apprised of our transition activity. More specific details will be shared over the coming months. We are dedicated to providing a seamless transition for our doctors, hospitals, and health care facilities, with a focus on and commitment to service and stability.

Key Updates​

Billing reminders to ensure proper claims processing November 21, 2023

Second session of platform transition training now available! November 21, 2023

Platform transition training now available! October 17, 2023

Guidelines for billing with taxonomy cod​es October 10, 2023

Information session on platform transition coming soon! October 09, 2023

Upcoming transition of provider payments to PNC’s CPR serv​ice​ September 29, 2023

Upcoming changes to the authorization workflow in PEAR Practice Management September 28, 2023

Starting in 2024: New member ID card structure September 14, 2023

Continue to follow policy and industry standard correct coding guidelines​ September 14, 2023

Stay informed: Update on our phased migration to new platform September 1, 2023

Action to come: AmeriHealth to transition to new EDI Gateway vendor April 3, 2023

Preparing a three-year, phased migration to new platform February 8, 2023


Platform Training Session 2 November 21, 2023

Platform Training Session 1 October 17, 2023

Next generation platform transition FAQ ​November 9, 2023​