​​​AmeriHealth New Jersey launches new program with Thyme Care to support members with cancer​​

January 5, 2023

​AmeriHealth HMO, Inc. and AmeriHealth Insurance Company of New Jersey (collectively, AmeriHealth New Jersey) has partnered with Thyme Care, an oncology care management company, to provide additional support to eligible AmeriHealth New Jersey Commercial members who have a cancer diagnosis. The new program, which launched January 1, 2023, is focused on improving outcomes and overcoming health disparities.

AmeriHealth New Jersey provides dedicated cancer support through Thyme Care – available 24/7 – to support members by answering their questions, providing guidance, and connecting them with the help they need around the clock.

Thyme Care helps reduce the burden of physicians by serving as an extension of practices between appointments, allowing physicians to be more efficient during in-office visits with their patients. Their multidisciplinary care team, which includes oncology nurses, resource specialists, and a digital platform, provides members with disease and treatment education, appointment coordination, financial assistance applications, and other critical services to address barriers to care and reduce the risk of unnecessary acute care utilization.

Thyme Care also delivers provider-focused services, including increased access for referring providers and their patients to oncology services within two business days of requested appointments, an improved patient experience, ongoing evidence-based assessments to prevent unwanted outcomes and to reduce costs, and optimizes clinical staff efficiency by performing non-clinical tasks.      

The service is available to AmeriHealth New Jersey Commercial members at no additional cost. Other services, like prescriptions and lab work, will continue to go through a member's health plan, and members will be responsible for any associated costs.

Thyme Care also works closely with all providers on a patient's care team to make sure everyone is up to date and that patients get the right care at the right time, delivered in a way that respects their preferences.

To learn more about the support Thyme Care provides to members, whether they have a concern for cancer or a confirmed diagnosis, or to refer your patient into their program, visit https://thymecare.com/referapatient.

Providers can contact the Thyme Care care team directly by emailing careteam@thymecare.health or by calling 201-526-8484.