​​​​​PEAR PM: Self-service tips – Member eligibility​

December 2, 2021

​We are sharing tips to help providers and their administrative staff prepare for the upcoming self-service requirements that begin January 1, 2022. PEAR Practice Management (PM) offers transactions that can be used daily by your practice to provide efficient patient care. 

TIP #1: Verifying member eligibility

Use the Eligibility & Benefits transaction to obtain the following information for a member's eligibility:

  • member identification number
  • member date of birth
  • gender
  • address
  • status (of coverage for the indicated date of service)
  • group number and group name
  • group renewal date

You can search for a patient up to two years back from the current date.

Review the Eligibility & Benefits 101 user guide and eLearning course on the PEAR Help Center to learn more.