​​​​​PEAR PM: Self-service tips – Claim review requests​

December 15, 2021

We continue to share tips to help providers and their administrative staff prepare for the upcoming self-service requirements that begin January 1, 2022. PEAR Practice Management (PM) offers transactions that can be used daily by your practice to provide efficient patient care. 

TIP #5: Submission requirements

Follow these guidelines when requesting a claim investigation:

  • The claim must be in a finalized state to request an investigation.
  • ​Claim investigation submissions are permitted within 18 months from the date of service.
  • A maximum of three inquiries can be submitted per claim.
  • Claim investigation requests are not available to AmeriHealth Administrators.
  • Before submitting an investigation, use the Claim Investigation Search transaction to confirm that an investigation is not already open for your claim.
  • Be specific when describing the reason for the investigation. If a claim is denied for lack of referral or authorization and one was required, you must submit a valid referral or authorization number for the claim to be reconsidered. The submission of medical records as a replacement for a required authorization or referral is not valid.

Review the Claim Search & Investigation user guide and eLearning course on the PEAR Help Center.​

TIP #6: Navigating the Claim Search transaction

Select Claim Search from the Transactions tab and follow the steps to locate the claim in question.

Once on the Claim Details screen, select the Create New Investigation button to start a new investigation.​


Follow the steps outlined in the Claim Search & Investigation user guide on the PEAR Help Center to complete your submission.