​​An innovative approach to behavioral health

October 8, 2021

​AmeriHealth is taking a new approach to behavioral health for its members, your patients,​ that considers their entire wellness, including their physical and behavioral health and equitable access to care. This includes reshaping how we work with Magellan Healthcare, Inc. (Magellan) and bringing specific behavioral health management services in-house.

Establishing the network

The first step in this process is for AmeriHealth to establish a robust and comprehensive behavioral health network.

This month, we will be reaching out to behavioral health providers in the region with information about our efforts and the benefits of being part of the AmeriHealth behavioral health network, such as:

  • improved outcomes through better integration of physical and behavioral health services
  • expanded member access to clinically appropriate behavioral health services
  • fewer silos and reduced fragmentation in care
  • enhanced care coordination and collaboration
  • increased access to innovative behavioral health products/programs (e.g., Quartet Health, a platform that makes it easier for both patients and their physicians to identify the most appropriate mental health care for their needs)

Your patients will continue to have access to in-network behavioral health services offered by Magellan through December 31, 2022. The new AmeriHealth behavioral health network is expected to be effective January 1, 2023, and will not disrupt your patients' care.​

Learn more​

If you have questions about this new initiative, please email us at amerihealthbh@amerihealth.com.

Magellan Healthcare, Inc. manages mental health and substance abuse benefits for most AmeriHealth members.