Health Coaching: Programs to enhance coordination of care

June 17, 2021

​Registered Nurse Health Coaches (Health Coach) are available to discuss AmeriHealth members' health-related questions and concerns. A Health Coach can provide simple answers or give advice to help members make the best decisions for their health. They are available 24/7, year-round.

Members can access Health Coaches as another means to the care they receive. All members are eligible for Health Coaches, but they must be referred by a provider. Health Coaches can work with the member between appointments and treatment to answer questions and provide information to prepare them for the next phase of care. 

A Health Coach is available through many different programs offered by AmeriHealth. These programs include:

  • 24/7 Health Information Line.  AmeriHealth New Jersey members can call 1-888-YOUR-AH1 (1-888-968-7241) and AmeriHealth Pennsylvania members can call 1-800-275-2583 any time to speak with a Health Coach.

  • Get Connected. AmeriHealth members can opt in to receive text or email messages about health screening reminders, important plan notifications, and cost savings alerts. Some messages provide members with the option to call a Health Coach.

  • Case management. Case management provides support to adult and pediatric members who are experiencing complex health issues, multiple chronic conditions, transitions in care, or challenges in meeting their health care goals. Complex Case Management services include Health Coaches and Social Workers who can assist with connections to appropriate community resources.

  • Condition management.* Condition management is available to members that have specific chronic conditions – asthma, diabetes, COPD, hypertension, and congestive heart failure. It is available for members who are newly diagnosed, as well as those previously diagnosed with one or more of the conditions listed.

  • Baby FootSteps® maternity program. Expecting members can self-enroll in the program by calling 1-800-598-BABY (1-800-598-2229) to receive educational messages and outreach throughout their pregnancy. Topics include prenatal care, nutrition, screenings for high-risk indicators, and prenatal/postpartum depression. Members identified as high-risk will receive support throughout their pregnancy from an obstetrical Health Coach.

If you would like to refer an AmeriHealth memb​er to one of the​ programs listed above, please complete the AmeriHealth New Jersey or AmeriHealth Pennsylvania online physician referral form or call 1-800-313-8628.

*AmeriHealth members who are covered through fully insured employer groups are automatically considered eligible for condition management. Members covered through certain self-insured employer groups may not be eligible for the program. AmeriHealth New Jersey members can call 1-888-YOUR-AH1 (1-888-968-7241) and AmeriHealth Pennsylvania members can call 1-800-275-2583 to verify their eligibility.