A new approach to diabetes management

February 8, 2021

​AmeriHealth has partnered with Livongo® to offer a new diabetes management program aimed at reducing the prevalence and cost of managing diabetes. The Livongo® for Diabetes program launched on January 1, 2021, for AmeriHealth Pennsylvania self-funded groups who have opted-in to the program.

Diabetes continues to be a major health concern in the United States. More than 34 million Americans are currently living with diabetes.1 Research shows the traditional approach to managing diabetes is no longer working. People living with diabetes face several barriers when it comes to managing their condition; from access to care to testing supplies. The program addresses the gaps in care by providing the economic and personal support needed to help patients live better and healthier lives.

Livongo for Diabetes

The Livongo for Diabetes program provides tools and support to helps patients manage their condition outside of the hospital setting. These tools provide real time analytics and guidance on blood glucose readings. This helps to reduce medical costs by reducing emergency room and hospital visits. Eligible patients will receive a free, easy to-use blood glucose meter, a mobile app to help track, review, and report their health status, unlimited testing supplies, and 24/7 support from Livongo expert coaches. Patients can share their blood glucose records with their Livongo coach and receive feedback in real time – within minutes if there is an emergency. 

Best of all, the program is available at no additional cost to patients whose group has opted-in to the program. 

Helps patients get and stay on track

The program can help drive behavioral change in your patients with diabetes. To help them get and say on track, the program offers the following resources:

  • Blood glucose meter: The interactive blood glucose meter has an easy-to-use touchscreen. The meter interprets the data and provides real-time analytics, insights, and monitoring.

  • Expert coaching: Livongo's coaches are available for 1:1 live coaching and 24/7 remote monitoring. Your patients will receive proactive outreach from a Livongo coach if their levels are out of control.

  • Digital tools: The program offers digital tools across mobile and web platforms. Patients can easily share their health data with their health care providers and family members.

  • Health NudgesTM: Patients receive daily encouragement and referrals on their blood glucose meter, based on their blood glucose patterns.

  • Unlimited strips and lancets: Patients can check their blood sugar as often as needed without worrying about running out of supplies. The meter will automatically trigger automatic refills when supplies get low.

Next steps

Your eligible patients with diabetes should have received several communications on how to sign-up for the program. Talk with your patients and encourage them to take advantage of the available tools and support to help them achieve positive and long-term success.