Review your AmeriHealth Pennsylvania provider profile

November 19, 2020

​Provider offices are encouraged to review their demographic information published in the provider directory on a quarterly basis.

Our Find a Doctor tool allows AmeriHealth members to conduct efficient online searches for network doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other health care professionals. Having the most up-to-date information available is key to making this an effective tool. This information serves an important purpose to members who are choosing a health care provider.

Your provider profile displays the following type of information:

  • provider's gender
  • specialty
  • languages spoken
  • hospital affiliations
  • whether he or she is accepting new patients
  • board certification status
  • availability of weekend hours

This information allows existing or potential members to search for a medical professional with the ability to compare up to three provider profiles side by side so they can make an informed decision for their health care needs.

Plans accepted

AmeriHealth offers a variety of plans for Pennsylvania members. It is important that you know all of the plans accepted under your Professional Provider Agreement or Hospital, Ancillary Facility, or Ancillary Provider Agreement with AmeriHealth. Your provider profile includes a list of plans your practice/facility accepts. It is important to know which plans are offered when patients are calling to confirm that you accept their insurance.

Plans currently offered through AmeriHealth are:

  • AmeriHealth HMO
  • AmeriHealth POS
  • AmeriHealth DPOS

Accessing your profile

To view your provider profile, visit the online Find a Doctor tool. Enter your office/facility name in the search field and review the accuracy of the information presented.

Submitting changes

If you need to make changes to the information displayed in your provider profile, please review the steps outlined on the Demographic Maintenance Guide for AmeriHealth Pennsylvania page of our Provider News Center.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this important effort to ensure that our members have access to the most current information about our provider network.