​User guides and webinars

December 9, 2019

In the past few years, there have been numerous changes to the look and feel of the NaviNet® web portal (NaviNet Open) and transaction functionality. To help you navigate the portal and specific transactions, we have published user guides and webinars below that provide step-by-step instructions. Please review the guides that pertain to you and contact our Provider eBusiness team through our online Provider eBusiness Inquiry form for AmeriHealth New Jersey and AmeriHealth Pennsylvania.

Submitting NaviNet Open inquiries to AmeriHealth*

For your convenience, our Provider eBusiness team at AmeriHealth created an online Provider eBusiness Inquiry form for AmeriHealth New Jersey and AmeriHealth Pennsylvania for NaviNet Open-related inquiries, such as:

  • creating a new account
  • updating an existing account
  • requesting training
  • reporting issues
  • asking additional questions  

*Only providers participating in an AmeriHealth network can obtain NaviNet Open access.

Note: All webinars include sound and video and are available in Windows Media Player format.




Cash Management Guide(November 2019)


  Claim Log Guide (November 2019)





Document Exchange Guide (November 2019)



Encounter Submission Guide(November 2019) | Webinar (September 2013)









Referrals Guide (November 2019)