Introducing the new PEAR portal for managing clinical and financial activities

October 4, 2019

AmeriHealth is pleased to announce a new Provider Engagement Analytics and Reporting (PEAR) portal for participating providers, which will provide fast, secure web access to applications designed to help you manage your clinical and certain financial activities. In addition, it will be a vehicle for you to obtain a variety of health plan information specific to your provider organization as it relates to providing care for AmeriHealth membership. The first PEAR portal application being introduced is a new provider reporting tool, IndexPro.

Over time, all participating providers will need to register for access to the PEAR portal as new provider applications and enhanced capabilities are introduced. However, our initial focus will be deployment of IndexPro to our participating primary care physician offices.

About IndexPro

IndexPro is an online, self-service, and on-demand reporting tool for participating providers. It delivers access to timely data and actionable incentive program reports, delivered through a secure connection. IndexPro offers a centralized site for providers to review and compare their performance to their peers of the same specialty and identify opportunities for improvement. A variety of practice-level reports and dashboards provide a real-time view of data specific to your practice or entity. The focus of these initial reports will be applicable to those participating primary care practices with a panel size greater than 50.

Note: If your panel size is less than 50, you will not need to obtain access to the PEAR portal at this time since our first tool, IndexPro, focuses on reports for participating primary care practices with larger panel sizes.

Deployment process

To ensure proper registration and access to the PEAR portal, we will be hosting a series of webinars for our participating primary care providers in the future. Please stay tuned to upcoming articles in Partners in Health UpdateSM for more detailed information. Note: Deployment to our health systems with owned practices will be coordinated with the health system corporate office.

Report delivery method changes

AmeriHealth will be transitioning all reports currently distributed via direct mail or accessible via the Document Exchange feature of the NaviNet® web portal (NaviNet Open) to IndexPro. IndexPro will become the only delivery method for provider reporting.

For those providers who participate in a value-based incentive program, access to IndexPro via the PEAR portal is required.

Learn more

Updates on our deployment process and additional information about the PEAR portal and IndexPro will be communicated in future editions of Partners in Health Update

If you have any questions regarding the PEAR portal or the IndexPro application, please feel free to contact our Provider eBusiness team through our Provider eBusiness Inquiry Line at 609-662-2565 for AmeriHealth New Jersey or at 215-640-7410 for AmeriHealth Pennsylvania.

NaviNet® is a registered trademark of NantHealth.