Disaster Recovery Exercise

April 5, 2021

AmeriHealth is conducting a Disaster Recovery Exercise the weekend of April 9, 2021 that may affect the proper submission of some online forms. The Disaster Recovery Exercise will take place from 9 p.m. Friday, April 9, 2021 through 4 a.m. Sunday, April 11, 2021

During the Disaster Recovery Exercise, providers should avoid submission of these forms for AmeriHealth New Jersey or AmeriHealth Pennsylvania:

  • Practitioner Participation form
  • Nonparticipating Registration forms (Professional and Facility/Ancillary)
  • Provider Change Request form

Providers who submit one of these forms during the Disaster Recovery Exercise, run the risk that their data may not be successfully submitted. If necessary, we ask that you please complete and submit the forms before 9 p.m. Friday April 9, 2021 or after the Disaster Recovery Exercise is completed.