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View the latest news and information specific to the AmeriHealth-participating provider community below:
Ensure proper routing of CFID audit questions (Administrative) P, F, A
Required lead time when updating your provider information (Administrative) P, F, A
Claim investigation and corrected claim submission procedures (NaviNet) P, F, A
Preventive coverage of spinal muscular atrophy screening for AmeriHealth Pennsylvania members (Medical) P, F, A
Suspected meningococcal disease outbreak and vaccine coverage for AmeriHealth New Jersey members (Medical) P, F, A
Update: SEPTA contract dispute resolved (Administrative) P, F, A
Encourage pregnant AmeriHealth members to enroll in Baby FootSteps (Health and Wellness) P
Important information about SEPTA  (Administrative) P, F, A
Reminder: Guidelines for billing with taxonomy codes  (Billing & Reimbursement) P, F, A
AmeriHealth drug program formulary updates (Pharmacy) P, F, A
Professional Injectable and Vaccine Fee Schedule updates effective April 1, 2019  (Billing & Reimbursement) P, F, A
Updated reimbursement policy for CRNPs and PAs  (Medical) P
NaviNet Authorization Log and Authorization Inquiry: Know the difference (NaviNet) P, F, A
View up-to-date policy activity on our Medical Policy Portal  (Medical) P, F, A
Required lead time when updating your provider information  (Administrative) P, F, A
Updates to the list of specialty drugs that require precertification for AmeriHealth New Jersey members (Medical) P, F, A
New drugs to be added to the Dosage and Frequency Program (Medical) P, F, A

NaviNet Resources 

To help you navigate our secure, online provider portal and various transactions, we have created a central location for a variety of NaviNet resources, including user guides, webinars, and a communications archive.

NaviNet Resources

Opioid Awareness

We have created a repository of tools and resources to assist you in managing your patients who are prescribed opioid medications.

Opioid Awareness Resources

Utilization Management

Certain utilization review activities are delegated to different entities. Here you will find detailed information on our utilization management programs and common resources used among them.

Utilization Management

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