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Demographic Maintenance Guide for AmeriHealth Pennsylvania 


We are excited to offer you a one-stop reference tool that provides the designated methods for the submission of demographic changes. It is critical that you regularly review your demographic information in our online Find a Doctor tool to ensure that all of your information is accurate. Our members, your patients, rely on provider directories to make informed choices about care.

This guide is specific to AmeriHealth providers located in Pennsylvania. If you are located in New Jersey, please use the guide located here.

The Demographic Maintenance Guide details the three methods to update your provider information:

  • Primary: Provider File Management transaction on the NaviNet web portal (NaviNet Open)
  • Secondary: Provider Change Form
  • Tertiary: Email/Fax

Primary: Provider File Management

Your primary method of completing a demographic change request should be via the Provider File Management transaction on NaviNet Open, which allows professional providers to view and submit specific real-time updates to their AmeriHealth provider record.

Demographic Maintenance Guide
(October 2019)
For complete details on how to make updates to your provider record via the Provider File Management transaction, please refer to the Provider File Management Guide, which can be found under User guides and webinars in the NaviNet Open section.

Secondary: Provider Change Form

If you do not meet one of provider type exclusions noted within the guide and the Provider File Management transaction is not an available submission method, please utilize our Provider Change Form.

Tertiary: Email/Fax

All other demographic changes should be submitted through the following methods:

More information

If you are not able to locate the necessary information to perform your specific demographic change, please email us at providercommunications@amerihealth.com so we can continually improve this guide.

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